Foldable Laser Target - Rothbucher

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130 mm Length
120 mm Width
140 mm Height

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The laser target RSLT10 was developed for the fast and exact alignment of a line laser on axis. This dual sided laser target can be folded down and then stored in the laser box or stowed away in another space saving place.

Place the laser target on the axis on which you want to align the laser. Turn the laser with active axis line in the area of the laser target to the left and right until you see the laser line on the laser target and line up the laser on the center of the target.

Please note: To set up the head must be at the same height as or behind the laser. Only in this way can the reflection of the laser line be clearly seen and used even in bright sunlight up to a range of 30 m.


130 mm Length
120 mm Width
140 mm Height


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