Aluminum Threaded Insert for 3/4" Rod

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Aluminum Threaded Insert for ¾" Rod

These are exactly the same as the rod monuments, except that, for the top section a security rod with three aluminum fins is used. This increases the stability of the mark. All sections of the monument, including the top security section can be driven straight into the soil or the top section can be isolated from the topsoil as shown below.

The fins of the top security section can be peeled back with vice grips if it is necessary to cut the top section. This enables the cap to be tapped on.

Berntsen Sectional Aluminum Rod Monument


BMAC6- Access Cover for 5" & 6" PVC

MTSD14 - 3¼" Top Security Aluminum Cap


MTSDR3- ¾" x 3' Top Security Rod with thread






MHDRR4- ¾" x 4' Aluminum Rod with thread

MHDRR3- ¾" x 3' Aluminum Rod with thread

MHDRR2- ¾" x 2' Aluminum Rod with thread

MHDRR1- ¾" x 1' Aluminum Rod with thread



MHDR12- Spiral Drive Point for 3/4" Rod



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