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Stainless Steel Fixed Point for RS Magnetic Prisms

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Stainless Steel Fixed Point RSFP-X90

With the Fixed Point RSFP-X90 the RSMP series of targets and prisms can always be placed right back at exactly the same place as originally positioned, even on non-metallic surfaces like wood, stone, and concrete for reliable recovery.

Simply glue or screw the recovery point onto the intended surface, the magnets at the bottom panel of the RSMP magnetic series will hold the mini prism or target exactly on the desired point.

For use with below Magnetic Prisms & Targets:

By attaching this simple stainless steel fixed point, prisms can be quickly snapped into place at the precise point and removed for later use - leaving only the small, low-visibility fixed point behind.

This simple, yet powerful ability allows surveyors and contractors to save time that would otherwise be spent re-establishing new survey points while keeping prisms from being lost or damaged when not in use.


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