72" Utility Post RFID-Enabled (No Decal)

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InfraMarker Solution Suite for Utility Marking

The InfraMarker Solution Suite includes all that you need to mark, map, and manage infrastructure from above & below ground. InfraMarker is the most flexible and complete RFID infrastructure marking solution in the world by allowing the customer to use the IM components individually or packaged to support a full infrastructure marking solution.

InfraMarker benefits:

  • Complete plug and play RFID marking system – use InfraMarker products individually or together to support your infrastructure marking needs
  • Reduces time for locating assets in the field
  • Easy and intuitive field use
  • Provides audit capability to meet regulatory needs
  • Real-time integration with field and office speeds information sharing
  • Easy export to the customer’s GIS
  • Works for above and below ground asset marking – one RFID marking system for all assets

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use InfraMarker’s RFID-enabled markers without having to purchase the entire InfraMarker solution?

Yes. InfraMarker (and Berntsen) RFID-enabled markers can be read and written to by any class 1, Gen 2 RFID reader however, the InfraMarker approved RFID readers are the only ones currently capable of operating with the InfraMarker mobile software so you would need to use these readers if you plan to take advantage of the InfraMarker infrastructure field software. The RFID-enabled markers are a value-add to Berntsen’s top quality marking products and are backed by the company’s 40 plus years of experience in ‘Marking the Infrastructure of the World.’ We sell our highly regarded above ground markers with RFID tags already incorporated so you don’t have to worry about placement in the field.

Why do I need to place a RFID-enabled marker in the field if I already know the GPS coordinates of that asset?

There are a number of reasons for having a physical marker in the field. First, the physical marker verifies the actual location in the field. Whether the RFID enabled marker is on an “underground utility below’ post or is buried underground over a weld-point, the physical marker speeds locating and reduces risk. Second, the RFID-enabled marker includes critical information that can be read in the field even when access to the Internet is not available. Third, all InfraMarker RFID-enabled marker interrogation is captured and date stamped so you know that a true audit trail exists.

Visit our sister site, www.inframarker.com for more information on our InfraMarker Solution Suite of products.



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