InfraMarker® RFID-enabled Infrastructure Asset Marking



Connected Infrastructure Enabled by RFID

Introducing InfraMarker

Now there is a way to verify the location and nature of an asset using RFID. Simply mark the asset with an InfraMarker RFID tag, read the ID number of the tag into a data collector, then update the RFID tag with a label that defines the asset.

Once an asset is marked, it can also be associated with asset data in a GIS/Asset Management Software, or the InfraMarker software.

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The Fully Integrated Inframarker Solution

This turnkey asset management system that leverages cloud technology streamlines workflows. Lightweight locating equipment and the ability to use a commercial smartphone improves field productivity. Cloud data storage provides secure backup and allows almost unlimited information to be attached to any asset record. Field wireless capability enables real-time field and office integration. Innovative software design allows the customer to view, edit, and add video to assets on a map and even export InfraMarker data into their own management system.

Whether you are city administrator, a utility manager, a contractor, or a technician in the field, InfraMarker RFID enabled marking is an ideal solution to your infrastructure location and management challenges.

The integrated InfraMarker Solution includes InfraMarker software, readers, locators and a variety of tag designs. The system is available in various packages to make starting up fast and easy.



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