Four Corners Commemorative Medallion (3 1/4" diameter)

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Commemorative Brass Medallions / Paperweights

Special brass replica medallions of unique markers produced by Berntsen. Each medallion includes felt backing & display stand.

Medallions can also be made for your special or unique projects as well. Email us for more information at

Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths

Foil Pouch of Cape Cod Metal Polishing ClothsCape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths are soft, reusable cotton cloths containing just the right amount of metal polish.  Simply wipe away tarnish to reveal a mirror like shine.  Never again will you need a separate brass polish, silver polish, copper polish, et.  Cape Cod Polishing Cloths work on all fine metals.  Safe & easy to use , these metal polishing cloths have a pleasant vanilla fragrance and leave a revolutionary anti-tarnish finish.



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