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100 - 249
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Curb Marker with Survey Marker imprint

Reduce damage to your pipelines/cables by putting a permanent `Call Before You Dig' message on curbs. Each time your locators do a locate, they can glue down a das Curb Marker  leaving a clean looking, professional, warning message. This notifies homeowners, contractors, and other excavators that there are pipelines/cables in the area.

Once the das adhesive cures it takes a hammer and chisel to remove the das Curb MarkerT.

The das Curb MarkerT has been in use since 1983. An independent lab test showed the marker had very little fading after the equivalent of 30 years of outdoor use. Costly remarking is no longer necessary.

Our bright APWA colors are highly visible making it easy for
maintenance crews, locators, or leak detection surveyors to see them. The das Curb Markers are available in both reflective and non-reflecive styles and in virtually any size and shape.

The das Curb Marker replaces unsightly spray paint for permanent marking, improving your company's public image.

The standard das adhesive requires no mixing. Just apply some to the back of the marker and stick it.

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Custom designs available.  Contact the Berntsen Customer Service Team at or 1-800-356-7388 for details.

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