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Laser Scanner Targets

As more sophisticated mapping equipment is being utilized in the field, equally sophisticated laser scanner targets are essential to generating complete and accurate survey data. We stock a range of omnidirectional target spheres and target markers as well as both hard and soft case target kits for convenient and safe transportation.


Laser Scanner Target BallSECO’s improved Omnidirectional EMF Laser Scanner Target is designed to allow control shots from multiple locations without needing to move the target setup. Painted with a special conductive cover creating a metallic or EMF-type shell, it prevents beams from penetrating through the target giving surveyors a more accurate scan.


Compatible with all laser scanners, it can be used with standard survey grade tribach adapters without the need for additional accessories.


This same model is also available with a magnetic base, which expands the range of compatible attachment surfaces to include any ferrous metal such as iron or steel.


In addition to the 6” diameter models, we also offer a 100 mm Laser Scanner Target Sphere equipped with a magnetic base. These super lightweight targets weigh a fraction of a pound and feature the same solid aluminum construction as their larger counterparts. The magnetic base affords these smaller targets the ability to connect to ferrous metals offering 40 pull pounds of strength.


For extra protection on-site, we also offer a 10-piece 100mm Laser Scanner Target Kit with Hard Case as well as a more compact 6-piece 100mm Soft Case. Both kits come fully equipped with Scanner Targets and offer unique foam linings for maximum protection.

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