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Doo Dots - Put Pet Waste in its Place

Pet Waste Markers | Doo Dots

Stick them on paths, curbs, sidewalks... anywhere!

Pet waste is both an aesthetic and environmental problem. Encourage the proper disposal of pet waste by putting an educational message where it will do the most good. Colorful Doo Dot das Curb Markers can be installed on just about any flat non-soil surface using your choice of das Curb Marker Adhesive.  Because they're das Curb Markers you know that they're durable. Doo Dots will serve as a visable yet unobtrusive reminder to pet owners for years to come.

Stock Titles

All Stock Duracast Doo Dots are available in 2 1/2" or 4" markers as shown.

Duracast Style Markers 

Abrasion & UV Resistant

The das Duracast Curb Marker is made from a .030 opaque white plastic. This proprietary material contains U.V. inhibitors and a layering of materials for flexibility and impact resistance. The printing is on the surface of the material which is then covered with the SolarShield clear coat for added U.V. resistance. Finally a polyurethane "dome" is applied to the face of the marker. This optically clear, self-healing, non-yellowing, Duracast surface protects against mechanical and chemical abrasion. The Duracast surface effectively doubles U.V. resistance as well.

All Stock Titles are 2½" circles with either reflective or non-reflective APWA color-coded background color.

Duracast Weatherometer Info 

Winona State University/Composite Materials Technology Center - 3/2/98

Tested: Duracast style das Curb Marker. Stock Titles all colors reflective & non-reflective.
Testing Mechanism: QUV Weatherometer
Cycle: 4 hours UVA at peak emission at 60°C followed by 4 hours of condensation at 50°C.
Duration: 2,000 hours.

Results Summary: "The test duration of the das Curb Marker is equivalent to 30 years of outside exposure."
" None of the exposed Duracast samples showed any signs of fading when compared to unexposed samples and the Duracast finish did not yellow or cloud."
"None of the exposed samples showed any signs of cracking."

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