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XYHT Magazine- April 2015 - Locate and Validate RFID, GNSS, and mobile apps fuel asset and infrastructure management.

RFID - by Gavin Schrock







Underground Focus Magazine- July 2014 - RFID has been used for underground locating for over 20 years.  The benefits of below ground RFID markers, the ability to be out of sight, long lasting, no internal power requirements...








Next Generation RFID Underground Asset Management is Here!





POB Magazine - March 2014 - RFID represents the next extension of tools for the survey profession to meet the demand for mapping new and existing underground infrastructure


RFID: Going Below the Surface - by Linda Duffy







Parks & Recreation Magazine - January 2014 issue interviews Berntsen Marketing Manager Tim Klaben on how to choose the best signage options to communicate with park visitors






"Here's Your Sign" 

By Samantha Bartram



Mount McKinley Cover ArticleProfessional Surveyor Magazine - December 2013 issue features one of our most famous monuments

"Enduring Monument"

Two brothers summit Mount McKinley and discover a special monument placed 25 years ago. By Nancy Luse



DEEP-1 Magnetic Utility Marker whitepaper

DEEP-1 Magnetic Utility Marker Whitepaper

Faster, Stronger, More Precise:
An Overview of Magnetic Markers & Magnetic Location in Utility Marking

A comprehensive study on the use of magnetic markers in underground utility location 


Auburn University Whitepaper

Auburn University Whitepaper

Adding InfraMarker Technologies to GPS Technologies leads to Effective Recovery of Facilities

by Matthew Donaldson, MBA student, Auburn University





Berntsen - Professional Surveyor MagazinePOB Magazine - March 2012 issue features Berntsen's InfraMarker RFID System for locating and identifying underground utilities.

"Underground Intel"

An RFID infrastructure marking system simplifies the location and mapping of underground utilities. By Christine L. Grahl

Berntsen - Professional Surveyor MagazineProfessional Surveyor Magazine - March 2012 issue features a "Monumental" article on Berntsen's 40th Anniversary.


Berntsen International, Inc. celebrates 40 years of manufacturing and marketing survey markers. By Nancy Luse

Berntsen - Professional Surveyor MagazineACSM Bulletin - February 2012 -  "RFID - What's new this year?" - by Bill Rushing, Vice-President of Product Development, Berntsen International Inc.

RFID - What's new this year?

Berntsen at 40 - ACSM Bulletin December 2011ACSM Bulletin - December 2011 issue features the article "Berntsen at 40" which maps out our progression from a small cast products business in Wisconsin to an international manufacturer "Marking the Infrastructure of the World" since 1972.

Berntsen at 40 - Innovator since 1972

ACSM Bulletin - February 2010ACSM Bulletin - February 2010  "For a smart environment, smart survey monuments." - by Bill Rushing, Vice-President of Product Development, Berntsen International Inc.

"For a Smart Environment, Smart Survey Monuments."

Coming to a Structure Near You - Professional Surveyors MagazineProfessional Surveyor Magazine - December 2008 issue features an article on our latest product -Rothbucher System line of high-precision reflective survey markers and targets. (Displayed with permission. Copyright 2008 by Reed Business Geo, Inc.)

Coming to a Structure Near You - Reflective survey markers invented in Germany have made their mark in Europe with their many uses.  Now their developer hopes they catch on in the United States.



The American Surveyor Magazine - September 2007 issue features an article on surveying Walt Disney World as well as a sidebar on one of our most popular survey markers we have ever made.

Mapping the World

How Forty-seven Miles of Florida Swamp Became a World-famous Vacation Destination. By Patty Winter


Am SurvNov05.jpgThe American Surveyor Magazine November 2005 issue featured an article using the Berntsen sectional rod monument system in Iraq.

 Iraqi CORS

 Development of the Iraqi Geospatial Reference System. By COL Mark W. Yenter, LTC Tedd A. Wheeler, CPT Juan R. Mejia, Michael Cline & 1LT Kenneth R. Joyce



The American Surveyor Magazine featured an article on Berntsen International, Inc. in their Fall 2004 issue.


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