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BP Survey Marker w/anchoring plug - No recessed center punch

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Product Details

BP Metal Concrete / Curb Markers - Our fastest-installing concrete marker

Superior to brittle brass markers, Berntsen's BP series copper markers install faster than any other concrete marker we sell.  Just drill a hole with our custom drill bit (sold separately), insert the included expansion plug, and tap the BP marker in - the BP is secure without epoxy or grout and will be flush with the concrete surface, not raised. 

Available in three styles: In copper, with "SURVEY MARK" (BP1 marker) imprint with a recessed, beveled center. In copper, with a plain top (BP1P) with the recessed, beveled center, In copper, with a plain flat top (BP2). The plain styles can be custom stamped with up to 15 characters.

BP1/BP2 Countersink Drill Bit

This bit is specially designed as an installation tool for the BP series markers.  It is the correct width and depth for the BP shank and is fitted with a set of teeth that grind out a recessed area perfectly sized to accept the BP's flat face.  The monument ends up flush with the concrete surface.  This bit can be used with any SDS chuck and some 1/2" chucks.

BP2 Survey Marker Installation Instructions


A = 1/8" (3 mm)
B = 1-5/32" (30 mm)
C = 21/64" (8 mm)
D = 1 11/16" (43 mm)
E = 1 7/16" (37 mm)
F = 29/64" (12 mm)


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