4" Flat Concrete Utility Marker (Bronze)

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Product Details

Berntsen 4" Bronze Flat Concrete Marker

Berntsen Made in America Product

"C" style (US Army Corps of Engineers Type 1 Disc) has the classic 2 3/4" (50.8mm) long split-style tapered stem. It is available in 3-1/2" (89mm) or 4" (102mm) diameters. Orbital formed from solid unleaded silicon bronze bar.

The CAPMAG ceramic magnet can be used with these concrete markers to assure easy detection of the mark with a magnetic locator up to 6 to 12 inches deep,
depending on soil conditions.

The C4DRL countersink drill bit is made specifically to perfectly recess this C4FB concrete marker in existing concrete.

C4FB Concrete Utility Marker Installation Instructions


Cap Width A = 4" (102 mm)
Stem Width B = 23/32" (18 mm)
Stem Length C = 2 3/4" (50.8 mm)
Flared Stem End D = 7/8" (22 mm)
(cap thickness is 3/16")


Countersink Drill Bit Video for Berntsen Concrete Markers

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