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2" Countersink Drill Bit for SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill

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2" Countersink Drill Bit for SDS-Plus Drills
Save Time, Labor & Money Setting Berntsen 2" Concrete Markers

"The countersink drill bit we purchased to install Berntsen concrete markers works PERFECTLY! We scheduled 2 days labor and ended up only using about 5 hours. It's very handy, still in great shape and paid for itself the first time we used it." - Jake Teegarden, Vasconcelles Engineering Corp., Springfield, IL

The CD2DRLP countersink drill bit is used to install Berntsen 2" concrete markers in asphalt or concrete. Use the CD2DRLP to ream the proper counter sink depth, then use a 1" bit to expand the hole of the marker stem (Item # HC2146 sold separately) for a neat looking, long-lasting recessed monument.


  • For SDS-Plus rotary hammer drills only
  • This drill bit countersinks the top of the marker only (not the stem). We suggest a 7/8" or 1" drill bit to create the stem hole (Item # HC2146 sold separately)
  • Three-piece design - No longer necessary to replace entire bit when one section wears out
  • Berntsen recommends at least a 24-volt Rotary Hammer drill be used with these drill bits



Check your drill to get the correct bit.

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Countersink Drill Bit Video for Berntsen Concrete Markers

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