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6 Foot Fiberglass Orange Post with SM110 Decal

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6' Carsonite Fiberglass Boundary Posts

Setting a Carsonite Fiberglass marker is a fast, inexpensive way to mark and protect your monuments and is a good way to prevent costly monument damage, saving you time and money.  On construction sites, a well-placed Carsonite post can keep backhoes and other equipment away from important reference points, preventing long delays and costly layout errors.

Versatile CARSONITE Boundary Posts call attention to nearby GPS marks, survey markers, or survey monuments at a very low cost and help prevent those more costly maintenance accidents that lead to marker damage or replacement.

The unique patented design and material of Carsonite posts take repeated flexing and abuse. Lightweight reinforced composite material provides maximum weather resistance against rot and embrittlement from cold or UV exposure.

Installation is fast and easy in most soil conditions. Lightweight. . .less than 1-1/2" pounds (0 .68 kg) for a 6 foot (1830mm) post.

Click Here for complete Carsonite Boundary Marker specifications

Carsonite decals are manufactured from quality U.V. resistant materials which provides a tough weather, vandal and chip resistant finish.


Standard packaging - 20 posts per case
L = 72" W = 2.5"

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