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Precision Indoor Construction Benchmark w/ adhesive backing

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RS11 Precision Indoor Construction Benchmark

Protect your work and avoid costly mistakes on the building site.


For Documentation, verification and permanent proof on construction sites for:

  • SFL - Structural Floor Level
  • FFL - Finished Floor Level
  • FFH - Finished Floor Height
  • AFF - Above Finished Floor
  • AFFL - Above Finished Floor Level

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set one high-precision reference for elevation and major axis, and be absolutely certain that the mark will stay put for the entire project, and remain available for later verification? Rothbucher System RS11 are the advanced and only precision indoor construction benchmark—now standard in much of Europe—designed to do just that.

The RS11 transfers the precision of your laser level to the wall more so than a chalk line or pencil mark ever could.

Tested temperature rating of -112°F to +212°F



L = 80mm
H = 50mm


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