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72" Carsonite Curv-Flex Utility Post (No Decal)

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Carsonite Curv-Flex Utility post with Caution Sewer Pipeline decalCarsonite Curv-Flex  Utility Posts - Passed NASHTO and SASHTO vehicle impact testing

Perfect for highways, roadsides and medians, this is Carsonite's most flexible composite marker.  Recommended for areas where vehicle impacts are likely.  The trademarked curve and flange profile, along with special fiberglass reinforced material, allows this marker to withstand controlled ditch burns, even direct tire impacts and return to its upright position.

Often used for single or dual-sided identification to mark culverts, utility lines, fire hydrants, and electrical station outlets. 2.3 lbs each (6' model). 20 per case.

Installation: Easy installation in virtually all soil conditions.  A pilot hole is required in hard or rocky soil.  Use installation tool RMTLPDR1.

Colors: White (01), Yellow (02), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07), Blue (08).

Carsonite Curv-Flex Post Sales Sheet (CFR) 

Technical Specifications Sheet (CFR) 



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