Underground Magnetic Utility Marker - Yellow / Gas Pipelines

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DEEP-1 Underground Magnetic Utility Marker for Gas, Oil, Steam, or Petroleum Pipelines - A Better Alternative to Tracer Wire

Magnetic location is an extremely efficient utility locating technology, especially when used in conjunction with DEEP-1 magnetic markers. Firms and agencies that implement magnetic location and magnetic marker utility marking schemes are likely to find and mark subsurface utilities more quickly and accurately, and will suffer less damage to underground assets.

Berntsen DEEP-1 Magnetic Utility MarkersDEEP-1 Magnetic Utility Marker Whitepaper

Faster, Stronger, More Precise:
An Overview of Magnetic Markers and Magnetic Location in Utility Marking

This FREE whitepaper includes:

  • A comprehensive study on the use of magnetic markers in underground utility location
  • Field lab testing comparing locates at various depths
  • Includes case study on location of water & sewer networks in the nation's fifth snowiest city

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A = 1.06" (27 mm)
B = 2.625" (67 mm)
C = 1" (25 mm)


DEEP-1 Video - Underground Magnets for Marking Buried Utilities

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