360-degree Visibility Enhancer

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Carsonite Visibility Enhancer

Install a 360-degree visibility marker without digging.  Carsonite's Visibility Enhancer combines the driveable Utility Marker (CRM) or the Dual-Sided Marker (CIB) with a rugged, 20½" polyethylene sleeve.  Simply fasten the Enhncer to the Carsonite Post using the supplied pop rivets.

Available in white, yellow, or orange, the Visibility Enhancer is perfect for intersections, medians, etc., and you can add reflective sheeting for supreme nighttime visibility.  The decal area is 16" high (decals and reflective sheeting sold seperately).



Designed to fit directly on post
Includes enhancer, rivets & washers.
(post, decals and relective sheeting not included)


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