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72" Fiberglass Carsonite Utility Post (No Decal)

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Carsonite Utility Marker Post -  with Caution Gas Pipeline decalCarsonite CRM Utility Post
The Low-cost, all-purpose marker for utility cables & pipelines

The perfect choice for high visability and easy identification of underground utility lines.  This trademarked three-rail design combines structural integrity with above-ground flexibility, as well as protection for decals.  Easy to install and lightweight for ease of transportation.

Anchors (sold seperately) make it virtually impossible to remove the posts without proper equipment.  The marker is highly resistant to vandals, with special composite material that will survive multiple small-caliber gunshots without significant loss of legibility or damage to the post.  2.9 lbs. (6' model). 20 per case.

Installation: Easy installation in virtually all soil conditions.  A pilot hole is rarely required.  Use installation tool RMTLPDR1.

Colors: White (01), Yellow (02), Brown (03), Orange (04), Red (05), Green (07), Blue (08).

Carsonite Utility Marker Sales Sheet (CRM)

Technical Specifications Sheet (CRM)



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