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InfraMarker Magnetic enabled RFID Marker for Underground Utilities

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InfraMarker RFID Magnetic Tags for Underground Infrastructure Asset Marking

InfraMarker IM372B Underground MarkerInfraMarker underground RFID tags are Omni-ID manufactured passive, Class 1 Gen 2 standard RFID tags, with attached stainless steel backing plates and polarity specific magnets.

Designed for the harshest environments to mark any buried asset such as valves, junctions, cable and pipe. Features high impact, water proof, durable encasement with a stainless-steel backing. The magnet delivers the pinpoint location of the marker, while the RFID tag verifies the asset’s identity -even through asphalt, concrete or soil.

InfraMarker IM372B Data Sheet


Size 6.85”x2.76”x1.875”
Weight 8.64 (ounces)
245 (g)


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