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InfraMarker RFID Small Surface Tag

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InfraMarker RFID Small Surface Tag

The rugged InfraMarker MicroBox provides RFID connectivity and reliable asset marking with a convenient ultra-high-performance outdoor peel aInfraMarker MicroBox on fire hydrantnd stick adhesive. Designed to be adhered to metal, including fire hydrants, utility poles, catch basins and so on, the MicroBox is designed to stay in place. The embedded RFID tag is configured to connect asset data from the field to GIS platforms, providing asset validation while launching associated forms, records and data.

It is designed to survive high impact and vibration with an ability to be deployed in harsh industrial and outdoor environments.

MicroBox Data Sheet


.99 x .73 x .35 (inches)
25.2 x 18.4 x 9 (mm)
Weight 0.1 (Oz)
4 (gm)


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