Permalac Spray Lacquer

Available in Matte or Gloss/Satin Finish

When bronze pieces are continuously exposed to the blazing summer sun, freezing winters, driving winds and acid rain, there can be significant problems conserving the artwork's original appearance. Clearly it is important that they be protected from the elements. PERMALAC will keep your markers looking brand new for years to come as well as refurbishing older installed bronze markers to their original beauty.

PERMALAC is a glossy, crystal clear, durable lacquer that can be sprayed on steel, aluminum, copper, silver and bronze as well as terracotta and concrete. It contains UV and corrosion inhibitors that protect outdoor metals and other coated surfaces for a minimum of 10 years. Once applied, PERMALAC air dries to the touch in less than 5 minutes and dries hard to a highly durable finish in about an hour (depending on film thickness, temperature, etc.).

Each PERMALAC spray lacquer kit contains one 12oz. spray can and two silicon carbide cleaning pads.

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