Berntsen Concrete Marker Instruction Guide

Existing Concrete/Rock Using Berntsen Countersink Drill Bit:

Assemble the three-piece drill bit. Thread countersink bit to small pilot drill; then thread on the SDS-plus, SDS-Max or Spline drill shank. Hand tighten securely.

Berntsen concrete installation instructionsStart drilling the hole, being sure to keep your drill straight and not at an angle. Drill the countersink deep enough to accommodate the thickness of the marker top.

After countersink is complete, re-drill stem hole with 1” bit. If installing the RT series markers, use a 1 ¼” bit. Clean debris from hole and epoxy or grout marker in place.

Existing Concrete/Rock Without Using Berntsen Countersink Drill Bit:

Chisel or drill a 3/4 to 1 inch (19mm to 25mm) diameter hole – (3 ½ inches [90mm] deep for C or R series Markers; 2 ¼ inches [57mm] deep for the model cd2 marker series).

Clean out hole and surrounding surface area (T1854 Blow-out Bulb). Insert marker into hole. Using chalk, felt-tip marker, or other writing instrument, outline outside edge of the marker. Remove marker from hole.

Using a chisel, enlarge hole to marked outline. Reinsert marker into hole to verify proper fit. Continue enlarging area as required to provide for a flush-mounted installation. Clean area. Put a small amount of grouting material into hole (we recommend DRYLOCK™ brand anchoring cement, which is non-shrinking and sets in 5-20 minutes).

Insert marker into hole and determine how much additional grouting material must be used. Repeat process until all voids are filled. Clean and finish area.

Poured-In-Place Monuments:

After monument has been poured in place, allow to set for 5-10 minutes and then insert marker into proper position.

Clean area around top surface of marker.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to mark additional information on marker until the monument is completely set.

For a PDF version of the Concrete marker installation instructions Click Here

Countersink Drill Bit Video for Berntsen Concrete Markers

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