Carsonite Accessories - Drivers, Post Pullers and Anchors

The following accessories are available for the Carsonite posts:

•          D250 Boundary Marker Driver.  Specially designed post driver for easy and accurate installation of the boundary marker post. Protects and supports the post as it is being installed.
•          DP18 Pilot Hole Punch.  An 18" (457mm) long x 1" (25mm) diameter "frost pin" that can be used as a pilot hole punch to make a pilot hole for the boundary marker post in hard soil conditions.
•          CFW250 Featherweight Driving Cap.   A compact driving head to install the boundary marker post. Should only be used in soft soil conditions.  Does not support the post while the post is being driven into the ground.
•          CPP-1R Post Puller.  A special tool that can be used to safely remove a boundary marker post from the ground.
•          DP100R Pilot Hole Driver.  A special tool used to make a pilot hole in severe and hard soil conditions before the boundary marker post is installed.


Carsonite Anchor Barb - Protection from theft

Designed for problem soil conditions, the anchor barb has been developed for permanent anchoring of Carsonite markers in loose, sandy or marshy soils.  The flexible anchor collapses during installation and expands upon attempted removal.

Anchor barbs give your posts a sure grip into the surrounding soil, preventing extraction, either accidental or vandal related. 
These anchors are factory installed when you order posts.

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