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Reflective Survey Target Markers, Plates, Datums & Reflectors

Designed to facilitate precise building, site layout, and monitoring, these markers improve accuracy of total station measurements. Use them to clearly mark control and monitored points permanently.

All Rothbucher target surveying reflectors and control points are made of tough, UV-resistant materials and are intended for discreet, long term, highly precise control monumentation.

Everything You Need for Target Surveying

The Rothbucher System includes specialized markers for placement on:

  • Buildings walls and floors
  • Bridges
  • Towers
  • Roads
  • Railroad tracks
  • and anywhere else precise, repeatable control is needed

Our target markers are perfect for site layout as well as for monitoring and taking accurate measurements in large building construction projects. And they have many different applications for land, topographic, boundary, and mining surveys. Moreover, specialized markers have been developed to meet specific needs, ensuring easy installation (by adhesive, threaded inserts, or directly into concrete) and long-lasting durability for various applications.

Our surveying floor datums can be securely attached to formwork, creating an indented impression in the concrete that serves as a reference point for elevation throughout the entire project's duration.RSMP180 Plastic housing with 12.7 mm mini prism

We also have smart angle targets that feature a protective; that shields the survey target from any concrete applied to the structure after the control has been established. These markers have undergone rigorous testing in European construction and have become a standard feature in many countries.

Rothbucher markers typically incorporate a reflective surface that enables easy targeting and measurements with most total station devices.

If you’re not sure which surveying reflector is right for your needs, our team would be happy to assist you. Contact Berntsen

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Perfect for Verification and Documentation of all Measurement Points on Survey and Construction Sites

Accurate and Safe Surveying Accessories

Some Rothbucher markers are permanent, others are temporary, and others need to be semi-permanent – they have some components installed that allow surveyors to come back and measure the same spot in the future. This is crucial when you’re measuring and monitoring infrastructure needs. Surveyors can consistently repeat shots to these control markers, leading to reliable data collection and highly accurate measurements over time.

Another key advantage for surveyors and contractors who do construction layout is the low-profile design of these markers. This allows measurements to be taken directly at the point of interest, eliminating the need for prism offsets. This approach eliminates potential errors introduced by prism shots and ensures greater precision. Our targets often include a bull's eye or level line (or ledge) to further enhance the accuracy of targeting.

Plus, Rothbucher markers enhance safety on the job site. Once these survey target cards are installed, employees no longer need to return to unsafe areas (spots that are high up, in active construction areas, or in areas with heavy traffic). Instead, any subsequent shots can be taken from a safe, remote location.

Need to survey the same point from different directions? Our reflective targets work great with our survey prisms


Affordable and Easy to Use Markers

The entire range of Rothbucher markers is known for its affordability, catering to a variety of budgets. Adhesive-backed reflectors are priced around $20 dollars a sheet. For those seeking a more permanent and heavy-duty solution, Rothbucher markers with galvanized steel bases cost around $70.

The adhesive reflector targets offer an excellent opportunity for construction layout professionals to try this innovative product. These surveying targets are small, flat, and highly reflective, featuring a bulls-eye design. 

Most total stations can accurately read these targets from several hundred feet away, while reflectorless total stations can detect them even at maximum distances. They’re also easy to apply and conveniently portable, fitting into a pocket or pouch. Due to their ease of use, the targets are perfect for field crews.

If there could be any future visits to a survey point, consider placing permanent and convenient Rothbucher System markers. You’ll start benefiting from time and cost savings on your very next visit!

If you have questions about any of our reflectors and targets for surveying, don’t hesitate to contact us at Berntsen International.

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