MORASSE Plastic Survey Markers

Morasse Plastic Survey Markers

Do you need more printing, more sizes, or more colors for your plastic survey monument markers for rebar?

Morasse Plastic Survey MarkersMorasse Plastic Survey Caps is the answer - recommended for those applications requiring permanent identification.

  • Available with your name & number at no extra cost
  • Easy to read raised letters
  • High quality UV stabilized polyethylene to protect against fading
  • Color is throughout marker to provide longer life
  • Can be field stamped with a steel stamp set
  • More durable than other plastic caps - More characters available (smallest size holds up to 81 characters)
  • Available with closed center (F style) with custom center marks or open center
  • Unique open center allows rebar  to 'mushroom' over cap during driving - helps prevent removal of cap
  • Easy to install and difficult to remove

How to install Berntsen Survey Markers

Morasse Plastic Survey MarkersTools: Berntsen suggests these tools to help with your installation.

Pre-Installation: Save time in the field with a little preparation in your shop.

  • Cut your rebar to your desired length using a hacksaw or power press.
  • Remove any burrs and/or mushrooming on the end that will be receiving the survey marker
  • For maximum grip, bevel the end of the rebar that will be receiving the survey marker

Installing the Rebar:
With a felt-tip permanent marker, place a mark about 1½" from the end of the rebar.  This mark will be your guide to assure the cap is tightly and completely seated on the rebar.

Drive your rebar to the desired depth.  Remember to leave enough rebar to install the survey marker.

Installing the Survey Marker:
To restrict any "sinking" of the rebar into the ground when applying the survey marker, clamp a vice-grip pliers to the rebar at ground level.  The handle of the pliers will prevent the rebar from sinking into the soil as you drive on the survey cap.

Some surveyors pre-install the survey marker onto the rebar prior to entering the field and then drive the rebar and marker assembly with a urethane faced dead-blow hammer.

Once you have your rebar and cap to the desired depth your installation is complete.

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