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Berntsen Wetland Monuments - for stability in looser soils

Driveable aluminum monument is designed for use in wetlands, swamps, riverbanks and lake shores - anywhere a substantial monument is needed and digging a hole is impossible due to constant water cover
  • Berntsen Wetland Monument customized for the U.S. Forest Service3 ¼" (83 mm) diameter series 6000 aluminum survey cap
  • 2" (50 mm) diameter aluminum pipe
  • Cast aluminum base point
  • Cone-shaped point is fluted for easy installation
  • Point tapers out to a diameter larger than the diameter of the pipe to deter removal
  • Cap and base are held to the pipe with aluminum rivets
  • Not recommended for "normal" firm, hard, or stony soil conditions.
For F1 monument installation instructions Click Here

Berntsen F130 drive-in wetland survey monument

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