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MAGNAILS for Surveying

Designed with a metal formula that triggers a magnetic field, MAGNAILS are far more detectable than any other masonry nail on the market. Metal detectors can locate them much deeper and further away, making MAGNAILS great for land surveying and construction layout. 

They’re particularly helpful when establishing critical points on surfaces, like asphalt, concrete, wood, and other materials where nails can be securely set.


Our mag survey nails have a zinc coating that not only helps prevent corrosion and rusting; it makes the nail shiny and more visible when set into different surfaces. 

Plus, MAGNAILS are very strong and durable with a large center-point and elasticity that minimizes breakage. The thickness of their striking head surface allows them to withstand striking blows without the head coming off or the nail itself bending.

Packaged 100 per box, MAGNAILS are available in these lengths:

  • MAGNAIL75    3/4" (19 mm)
  • MAGNAIL125  1 1/4" (32 mm)
  • MAGNAIL15    1 1/2" (38 mm)
  • MAGNAIL2      2" (51 mm)
  • MAGNAIL25    2 1/2" (63 mm)

In addition to our five different sizes of MAGNAILS, we also offer MagSpikes, which feature a spike-like design that’s perfect for penetrating hard surfaces, like asphalt or compacted soil.

If you need help finding the right masonry nails for your application, contact us or give us a call at


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