InfraMarker Software

InfraMarker® Asset Management Software gives you the power to view and manage field assets in real time. The InfraMarker data management software works with InfraMarker's mobile app to collect the field data of physical RFID-verified asset location and status.

Administrator project control of data sharing, up-to-date birds-eye views of projects and GIS integration is at your fingertips. Simply use the intuitive software tools to quickly create the mobile app forms and projects to gather the field data. The workflow design aligns with the user interface, delivering the field asset information you need – when you need it.


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InfraMarker 3.0 Asset View

The InfraMarker app allows the user to:

  • Read and write RFID markers in the field using the InfraMarker RFID reader
  • Capture and store field asset information including descriptions, GPS coordinates, depth to asset, photos, videos, documents and other attributes
  • Locate and verify key underground assets using the InfraMarker mobile mapping feature
  • Produce an audit trail for asset maintenance by capturing the date and time of all tag activity
  • Link asset information to the cloud in real-time
  • Export information to a customer's GIS

InfraMarker app is available for download from the Google PlayStore


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