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InfraMarker subsurface RFID tags are currently available in five styles that vary in size, weight, sensitivity and performance.  These tags were designed to withstand harsh, subsurface environments while being very sensitive to enable deep subsurface tag query.












Tag Depth:  Each RFID tag is designed to be read at varying depths based on soil types and conditions.  The variability of soil moisture content and mixture makes precise depth prediction untenable.  Soils having low conductivity & low permittivity (e.g. dry clay and sand) have a greater relative ability to support the reading of an electromagnetic field than soils with a high conductivity and high permittivity (dense or saturated soils).  For optimal reading, an installation depth of 6" - 24" is recommended.

Berntsen’s InfraMarker™ Fail-Safe GUARANTEE

Berntsen International, Inc. guarantees every fail-safe InfraMarker™ brand Magnetic/RFID marker to be permanently magnetically detectable. If it is not, we will replace the marker or refund the full purchase price of the marker, forever. Period. There is no fine print.

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InfraMarker subsurface tag specifications