Writing to an RFID Enabled Asset is Easy with the InfraMarker Reader

Reading Tags using an InfraMarker RFID Reader

Writing data to the InfraMarker Asset Management System

This video will walk you through the process of installing an InfraMarker RFID tag to an underground utility asset.


To install the InfraMarker RFID tag you will need the following equipment: an InfraMarker tag, and standard iOS or Android smart device with the InfraMarker App installed and an InfraMarker enabled RFID reader.


The first step is writing to the tag with the InfraMarker App. For the purpose of this demonstration we are in an office environment. Typically this would happen in the field, at the asset.


Begin by opening the InfraMarker App and logging in. This opens the basic map interface and displays the assets in the location of the user. To begin writing the tag, tap the pencil icon, then tap the device icon. At the bottom of the next screen tap the “scan for devices” button to scan for additional devices. Tap the preferred device. Once a steady blue light is visible the app and device are connected.


The next step is to select the options form the dropdown menu: Select the tag for writing; select the organization; choose a template (in this case, utilities) which is loaded with potential tag attributes. Continue through the screen and select the desired attributes for writing to the tag.


Once the attributes are selected for writing the tag location is selected using several tools including an adjustable lat and long as well as adding a photo of the tag and asset and video evidence of the surrounding features. The purpose of the video is to quickly relocate the tag in the future.


With tag assets collected, photos taken, video taken and tag location verified it is time to write to the tag. Tap the “write” button. Tap the “confirm” button which completes the tag write function and confirms that the asset details, photos and video have been uploaded to the cloud through the InfraMarker outbox.
That concludes the process for writing to a tag in the field and uploading asset information to the Cloud.


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